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What to do with Your Skillsfuture Credit


The Bf is a serial learner.  He always emphasizes on skill upgrading, to me and to his friends. Many of us stopped learning after we have graduated from school. As a quarter of our lives are spent on studying, most of us do not wish to have any relation to any books or reading material for the rest of our lives. However, by reading books or listening to webcasts, we are gradually upgrading ourselves in terms of knowledge and skills. Soft skills, hard skills, people skills – all these skills will contribute to our self-development and career progression.

As you should know by now, the government has given all Singaporeans a $500 credit to upgrade ourselves. We do not need have to rely on the company we are working for to send us for training anymore.

(Find out how to use your credits here.)

Anyway, have you made any plans on where to spend your skills future credit on?  The Bf and I have already made our choices.

In case you are wondering what skills to upgrade, I have compiled a list of skills that I think may be helpful to you. To find out which courses you can spend the SkillsFuture Credit on, you can also search through the directory in Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA).

Your Credit Account is listed in SkillsFuture webpage and there are Featured Courses listed there as well.

Do note that some of the courses do not provide a certificate at the end of the course. Please check with the academy or school before signing up.

Top 5 work skills

1. Finance

If you plan to be an investor, there are some technical things you need to learn. Topics such as calculating your returns, observing the potential growth opportunities in companies locally and overseas. Each of these courses do not cost more than $200, and they are mostly conducted by SGX academy. You can also check out on other training courses conducted by other training academies, such as CFA Singapore and polytechnics.

2. Project Management

Project management is a widely applicable skill across industries. As a successful project manager, you must not only understand how to run a project, good soft skills are also essential to one’s repertoire. You must also be flexible and quick on your feet.  You must come up with different strategies within a short period of time or change plans when one fails

3. IT

Always sending your PC to repair? Want to format your PC but don’t know how to begin? Always worried that the repair man is cheating your money when you send your IT gadgets for repair? Not to worry, IT courses are also available with the Skills future credit!

4. Accountancy

If you are looking for a career in the accountancy and finance industry, foundation courses from ACCA are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit claims. You can start with the foundation course, after which when it is completed, you can proceed on to attain a qualification to become a qualified professional accountant.

5. Build a website

Thinking of building a website from scratch for online business? Here’s one way to help yourself. You can sign up for this WordPress Website course to start with. Though you can learn through free online courses, signing up for a class enables you to learn all the required basic skill within two days. Of course there are many other academies which offers the same course.  So try to compare the prices and research for more reviews before signing up.

Some of the academies do offer add-on courses such as online marketing, market analysis or even SEO, and other digital marketing skills. All these skills will teach you how to excel in the online and social media world.

Top 5 hobby skills

Life is not all about work.  Check out some of these skills that you can learn for fun!

1. Cooking/Sewing

Cooking, sewing and baking are basic skills needed in your lifetime. Learning all these does not mean that you will be a full-time housewife. Instead of just chasing the dollar day after day, perhaps it is also wise to know how to cook a decent family meal, sew up the holes in your clothes or bake cakes and cookies for your friends or loved ones.  Homely skills like these are harder to come by with each generation.

You can drop by the Community Center for basic courses such as sewing, cooking and baking. There are also special prices for Passion Card members. These workshops cost more than $50.

2. Photography

Some people take ugly photos. Like me.

But for some reason…you do not understand why and how it happened.

Now you can use your Skill Credit to learn the basic photography skills, and maybe your photos will not look THAT ugly anymore.

3. Photoshop

Took some ugly photos and not sure how to beautify it? Photoshop is the answer.

There are many online videos teaching you, but if you prefer a hands-on class, it is better to sign up for a course and have an expert to correct your mistakes on the spot!

4. Wine Appreciation

Don’t know how to differentiate white wine and red wine? Or are you starting a business related to wine? Here are some basic courses you can find in Temasek Polytechnic and Singapore Polytechnic. If you are keen to have a professional career in the wine industry, here is one of the options you can choose from. Certificates will be given after passing each examination.

5. Language

Have you been feeling the Korean wave recently? Do you feel like learning Korean after listening to all the K-pop songs and watching all the Korean dramas? Or are you keen in learning other common languages such as Chinese or Malay? This is one of the interesting language school I have found, with many other languages to choose from. You can choose from the list of available school offering different languages from the WDA website as well.

Who knows, the language you learn might be useful in the workforce. Picking up basic skills in different languages will definitely open more doors for you!

We grow as we learn. Knowledge knows no bounds. There are endless things for us to learn.  I personally think we should make use of this $500 to continue our learning journey throughout life!

What about you?  Have you picked up any skills recently using the SkillsFuture credits?

P.S:  Unspent SkillsFuture credits will remain in your account until you die.

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