Our Strategic Career Path

At Strategic Solutions, our work force emphasise on nurturing employee's development. Therefore, we consistently seek to improve their knowledge and skills to enhance work qualities. Regular upgrade training will be provided to equip essential competency that can be integrated into the business structure.

We are tentatively looking at new talents:

  • administrative executive
  • sales & marketing

We optimistically welcome:

  • Trainers ( Acta Certfied )
  • Course Providers
  • Professional Speakers
  • Internship

join us and be a part of the journey towards ascendancy.

Our Internship Program – to assist younger generations to develop proficient skills &
interest in training & consultancy industry. The program will provide a head start and first hand learning experiences which is beneficial for future career development.

(Applicants can be from NTU, NUS, UNI SIM, local year 2 or 3 students 21 years old and above are eligible)

Email us at enquiry@strategicsolutions.com.sg to find out more informations and explore the compelling career opportunities we have to offer.

Embark on the journey with us to begin your career as Program Facilitators

Job descriptions:

  • Coordinate Training Courses
  • Provide Professional Advice to Client
  • Business & Sales Acquisition
  • Ensure Business Quality

Career Path & Benefits:

  • Program Facilitator, remuneration base on individuals, entitled referral fee to refer a 3rd party that come on board with SSTC (T&Cs applied)
  • Senior program Facilitators, higher tier remuneration, entitled to corporate business)
  • Program Manager (Manage a team, entitled to earn coaching fee)
  • Senior Partners (Become managing partners of SSTC)

Trainings will be provided to ensure every program facilitator to be competent.

Various platforms such roadshows, business seminars, corporate clients will be introduced to expand their overall business volume.

Being a “Program Facilitators” can be a highly rewarding career in terms of remunerations & career advancement.

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Our Strategic Career Path