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Successful Leads Generation Through Digital Marketing

Course Overview

Digital Marketing offers businesses an effective way to measure marketing results and reaching out to larger audiences via the worldwide web. Unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing is flexible, has a low barrier to entry, easier to optimize marketing outreach leading to improved conversion rates.

In this course, we will explore how to generate leads through social media marketing and running paid advertising through social media platforms.

Course Highlights

  • Lead Generation Through Social Media Platforms (Why Social Media Advertising Is The Best Way To Reach Your Customer Today)
  • Generate Leads Online using 2 Main Methods. (The Pros and Cons of Lead Generation Online & How To overcome Them With This 2 Methods)
  • Using Paid Advertising Versus Organic Outreach (Which Is Better For You And Which One To Use For The Long Term)
  • Setting Up the Advertising Accounts (Hand-Holding You through All The Complex Technical Parts!)
  • Understand Your Buyer’s Psychology (Why 90% Of Your Clients Will Never Buy From You IF You Don’t Know THIS Important Detail!)
  • Crafting an Irresistible Offer for Your Client. (How To Write A Persuasive Offer Even If your English Sucks!)
  • Learn to Setting Up Your Automated Lead Generation System (Even If You Have Never Run Ads Before!)
  • Running Paid Advertising (What Are The Key Metrics To Measure If Your Marketing Campaign Is Successful Or Not)

Course Objectives and Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of social media marketing.
  • Create an online Ad to generate leads.
  • Create an ideal client profile.
  • Know how to Track the responsiveness and ultimately the success of the ads.
  • Manage and optimize running ads.

Who Should Attend

This Training Is Great For:

  • Business Owners Looking For A New Source Of Clients And Customers For Their Existing Business.
  • Local Business Owners Who Want To Reach Out To Their Local Community And Market Their Services & Products.
  • Property Agents Who Wants To Generate Leads And Buyers For New Launches.
  • Insurance Agents/Financial Planner Who Wants To Work Smart And Generate Leads Online Instead Of Canvassing In Roadshows.
  • Event Organizers Who Wants To Generate Buzz And Also Ticket Buyers Or Attendees For Their Events.
  • Retail Shop Owners Who Wants To Use Location-Based Marketing To Attract Shoppers To Visit Their Storefront.
  • Restaurant Owners Who Want More Foot Traffic & Visitors To Come To Their Establishment To Spend On F&B.
Total course duration: 8 Hours