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Strategic Consultative Selling Using NLP Techniques

Course Introduction

Are you a sales person, sales manager, entrepreneur, or small business owner who wants to increase your sales yet seem to have hit a plateau?

Neuro-Linguistics Programming, or more commonly known as NLP, is a set of skills and insights where you can use your mind, body, and emotions to successfully communicate with influence. Used initially as a method in psychotherapy, NLP has found its way into helping those involved in sales. The reason why NLP works in sales is because it understands that different strokes work for different folks.

Selling today starts with the customer, not the product. It requires creative thinking and new approaches. Today’s salespeople shouldn’t be focusing on just selling the product specifics, but place more emphasis on identifying what the customers truly want.

In this course, participants will be learning to be problem solvers who are capable of building trust, sharing knowledge, and ultimately creating memorable experiences and value in every interaction, leading to increased sales and building more fulfilled clients. 

Course Highlights

1) Learn how to establish speed of trust and connect with every prospect effectively

2) Create instant rapport with anybody in less than 10 minutes even with strangers

3) Identify and master different selling styles to sell successfully to different clients

4) Improve linguistics skills to influence buying decision process

5) Read prospect’s body language and eye movements in order to discover how they are thinking

6) Identify potential buying objections and overcome them before they are being raised

7) Anchor positive thoughts in a client’s mind towards your products or services

8) Learn to use psychology and engage in emotional selling to hasten sales closure

9) Create an action plan to implement and see improvement in sales results after this course

Course Overview

Leveraging a revolutionary human change tool known as Neuro-Linguistics Programming or NLP, this full-day hands-on workshop is designed specially to equip you and your sales team with the necessary mindset and skills to succeed in modern day selling. As you learn to build your confidence and charisma as a sales professional, you shall acquire tools to understand your client’s needs at a deeper level so that you can communicate more clearly to them and achieve greater success in selling, replacing hard sales with heart sales.

Divided into 3 main segments, this course will involve first having you improve your ability to develop enhanced rapport with your prospects; engage different sales techniques and models to build the speed of trust needed to increase your personal influence and persuasion during their buying experience.

Next, learn exactly how different strokes work for different folks as you will be mastering different selling approaches to meet the unique concerns of different clients; engage effective listening and questioning skills to identify their buying hot buttons.

Finally, the course shall provide you with deeper insights on how to overcoming the natural buying resistance of prospects, pacing and leading them towards the close applying covert influence, converting them into lifelong and happy customers.  Thus, you will significantly improve client relationships and ultimately achieve greater success at selling.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1) Master the psychology of selling and use positive framing to influence buying

2) Connect and build trust quickly with different types of customers

3) Overcome buying resistance through the use of covert influence

4) Understand the psychology of persuasion and its use in sales presentations

5) Able to structure and deliver a powerful, convincing presentation

6) Engage precision questioning skills to uncover and influence needs

7) Apply tools and techniques to empathize with buyers

8) Activate the unique hot buttons of prospects to create buying interest

9) Study body language and identify buying signals accurately

10) Improve closing ratio by mastering the close with persuasive linguistics

11) How to create a follow-up plan and provide good after sales service

12) Acquire, engage and building loyal customers

Who Should Attend

Sales professionals, sales managers, entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to boost their sales and improve their selling skills;

Professionals who often meet high-value clients

Total course duration: 9 Hours