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Microsoft Excel 2016 At Your Fingertips – For Beginners

Course Introduction

Your first step to become proficient in Microsoft Excel. A hands-on approach learning suitable for multilevel learners which enables them to absorb and retain the information more effectively.

In today’s working environment, Microsoft Excel is perhaps the most important computer software program adopted throughout businesses and organization. Evidently, Microsoft Excel is a very powerful spreadsheet for reporting, managing, tracking, calculating and analyzing data to address the fundamental issues with productivity improvement in many businesses and workplace. It is also widely used by individuals to manage their personal data or for bookkeeping purpose.

This increased retention and accelerated course is designed for participants with no knowledge in Microsoft Excel and who are interested in learning the basic before moving onto intermediate and advanced excel courses.

Course Highlights

1) Introduction to Excel Environment Interface.
2) How to navigate within Excel to use different features to perform different tasks.
3) Understand what available basic elements and tasks it can perform.
4) Learn basic skills to create a spreadsheet.
5) Gather fundamental knowledge before going to higher level of using Excel.

Course Overview

Participants will get to know and understand what Microsoft Excel can do for working personnel or for personal use, and what this powerful program can do in the everyday life of working in computing.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
1) Work comfortably with Microsoft Excel and many of its features and functions.
2) Maneuver around the software features and functions with ease.
3) Like a professional, know how to and make use of the powerful features and the different task they can perform.
4) Knowing exactly where to look for the features will save hours when creating worksheets.
5) Manipulating store data to obtain different results.
6) Ability to create Valuation models from scratch.
7) Able to perform everyday functional tasks in the workplace
8) Become a top Excel user in your team.
9) Improve your team efficiency and productivity at your workplace

Who Should Attend

This is a beginner’s basic course suitable for participants with little or no knowledge on Microsoft Excel. This course is tailored to all age with broad-based knowledge in using a computer at ease, and is enthusiastic to learn spreadsheet skill for work or personal development.

Participants Responsibility:

Participants attending the course must provide their own computer with a licensed Microsoft Excel program loaded. The loaded Microsoft Excel program should at least be 2010 version or above.

Total course duration: Up Coming