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Making Impactful Presentations with NLP

Course Introduction

The ability to present professionally and speak in public has been a much sought-after and essential skill in modern working and commercial world. And this intensive presentation training focuses not only on preparing the participants in speaking to groups of various audience,  it would also equip participants with the knowledge of both the conscious and sub-conscious decision-making processes to help them engage and connect with their audience more easily, enhancing their influence.

Learn how to use a powerful consolidated system of the art and science of human excellence for success, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); to deliver more persuasive presentations, at the same time overcoming your nerves during presentations and become a more confident and competent presenter.

Course Highlights

1)      Learn simple techniques to significantly reduce your fear of public speaking
2)      Engage the emotions of your audience and connect with them effectively
3)      Identify the different listening styles of audience and appeal to them
4)      Master the art of effective storytelling skills and sell your ideas better
5)      Think on your feet and learn simple techniques to speak off the cuff
6)      Handle challenging audience in a Q&A session
7)      Use non-verbal language to achieve subconscious influence
8)      Watch videos of  top presenters and speakers while modelling their skills
9)      Create an action plan to implement and see improvement in speaking abilities after this course

Course Overview

If you desire to learn public speaking the faster and easier way, nothing beats learning from the best! Powerfully incorporating proven presentation strategies used by some of the great presenters like late Apple founder Steve Jobs, Alibaba founder Jack Ma, former US President Barack Obama, this is a highly-intensive presentation workshop where you will be discovering the secrets behind turning even a seemingly boring technical presentation into an interesting and awe-inspiring one.

At the same time, you will be learning several simple techniques which will help boost your confidence and develop your charisma as a professional presenter; master tools such as storytelling to understand your audience’s needs and their deeper motivations so as to communicate more effectively and clearly to them, ultimately achieving greater success in influencing and persuading them to your point of view and call for action.

Divided into 4 main segments, this course will involve first having you master simple strategies to handle your nerves in public speaking better and develop confidence in presenting in front of large groups.

Secondly, learn simple ways to organize your thoughts quickly and prepare the content and structure of your presentation in half the time; this also allows you to communicate your ideas clearly and with a logical flow so that you are being understood.

Next, pick up power tips to deliver your speech with greater impact using techniques such as NLP body language, vocal variety and storytelling.

Finally, this course shall provide you with a platform to put your skills into practice. Be evaluated by champion speaker and veteran Toastmaster from Singapore’s largest professional Toastmasters club Jacky Lim and get at least 3 key specific pointers to take your presentation skills to the next level.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
1)      Project credibility as a presenter;
2)      Develop confidence and competence in public speaking;
3)      Apply techniques for a variety of public speaking situations;
4)      Learn the science of influence and persuade audience with minimal resistance;
5)      Harness the power of your voice to ensure optimal results from your presentations;
6)      Delivering your message with conviction;
7)      Build rapport and effortlessly win the trust of the audience;
8)      Turn any presentation alive through the use of awesome visual aids;
9)      Develop an impactful presentation structure;
10)     Master simple techniques to think on their feet and handle impromptu speaking;
11)     Design their presentation to appeal to different kinds of audience.
12)     Use stories to sell their ideas

Who Should Attend

Trainers, Instructors, Teachers, Speakers
Professionals who often meet high-value clients
People who need to address stakeholders for business or social purposes on regular basis
Managers, Team Lead and leaders who desire to communicate with authority and confidence in front of large groups

Total course duration: 15 hours (2 days)