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Introduction to Social Media & Mobile Apps

Course Overview 

‘Introduction to Social Media & Mobile Apps’ teaches you everything you need to know about the basics of using social media and mobile apps in Singapore. Catered to audiences unfamiliar to the digital and social world, the course allows for a hands- on experience in setting up and using popular social media platforms and mobile apps in Singapore.

This is especially relevant to senior citizens who are looking to bridge the generational gap with their families. Familiarity with social media tools allows senior learners to keep in touch with loved ones, meet like-minded acquaintances and reestablish contacts with old friends without leaving the house. Conversely, family members will also find it easier to keep in touch and track the whereabouts of senior citizens. Mobile Apps introduced in the course will encourage senior citizens to explore the digital world further and allow them to take advantage of modern forms of communication, transport and retail.

Course Highlights

  • Social Media trends and platforms in Singapore
  • Setting up a Gmail Account
  • How to use Facebook
  • Getting started on Instagram
  • YouTube 101
  • Risks and rewards of Social Media
  • Basic mobile apps – Online E-commerce
  • Basic mobile apps – WhatsApp and Grab/Uber

Course Overview

‘Introduction to Social Media’ is a basic course for people who are unfamiliar with social media and want to be more active in its usage. The course lets learners understand how to set up a Gmail account, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube as well as coverage of commonly used apps such as WhatsApp and Grab/Uber.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand distinctiveness of social media platforms
  • Basic Gmail usage – set up, send, receive email
  • Basic Facebook usage – set up, add friends, tag, view, comment, react, post
  • Basic Instagram usage – set up, follow, tag, hashtag, comment, post
  • Basic YouTube usage – set up, subscribe, comment, post
  • Basic WhatsApp usage – set up, send/receive messages/images/voice recordings, set up group chat, turn on/off notifications
  • Basic Grab/Uber usage – set up, hire, using coupons
  • Basic Online E-commerce knowledge
  • Understand risks and rewards of social media

Who Should Attend

Suitably for age 50 above and Senior Citizens who want to start their journey on being social media or tech savvy.

Total course duration: 12 hours (2days)