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Course Overview

LinkedIn is specifically geared toward business decision makers and other professionals who want to leverage the connections they make with others to improve their own businesses and gather more leads.

In this course, we will explore how to generate leads through LinkedIn and run LinkedIn Outreach Campaigns through the use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Program Objectives and Outcomes

In This Course, You Will Learn:

1) Introduction for LinkedIn Marketing. (Why LinkedIn is THE place to be for B2B prospect and business networking)

2) Ideal Client Targeting and Research (How to find the right, qualified prospects for your business deals) 

3) Joining LinkedIn Groups.  (How to find highly targeted LinkedIn groups to join and engage in, how to give value and attract your leads)

4) Real-life Hands-on Prospecting and Communicating with Prospects in LinkedIn.

5) Keeping Track of your prospecting with your personal tracking system.
6) From Online to Offline (Arranging sales meetings, Lunch and Learn, invitation for corporate talks)

Who Should Attend

This Training is Great For:

  • Companies to generate more leads and sales online.
  • Local business owners who want to reach out to their local community and market their services and products.
  • B2B companies who want to reach out to overseas clients.
  • Companies that are keen to target a specific niche or industry.
  • Companies who have multiple months sales pipeline and want to increase the numbers of leads and sales meeting so as to shorten the sales cycle.
Total course duration: 8 Hours